Associate Certified Entomologist
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Born in the shadow of Tahoma (Mt Rainier) Vernon is quick to take action solving your pest control needs as the owner of Tahoma Pest Management. Did you know that Vernon will be right there for you, whether as a professional, colleague, friend, or acquaintance without question? That’s right! Vernon has a heart for helping others, which is one of the reasons he started his business in the first place. Vernon is a married Father of three boys: Mac, Wyatt, and Jackson, Vernon’s primary goal in everything he does is to take care of his family by taking care of others. From rescuing wildlife to protecting the bees, Vernon is also a man that appreciates, celebrates, and honors the outdoors as well as those that make the trees, plants, and hives their home. Oftentimes, Vernon can be found hiking the trails of Tahoma (Mt Rainier), perfecting his garden, hunting for mushrooms, or taking his electric bike out for a leisurely ride through rain, sunshine, and even snow. Vernon’s constant companions are his three boys who completely enjoy all the many adventures had. After a day spent in nature, Vernon may settle in with his favorite cuisine: authentic Mexican food, catch up on the latest innovation (ask him to share what makes him so excited about the new Tesla truck coming out and his own innovative plans), or get creative with his 3D printer. For Vernon, life is about learning, experience, and “living the dream.” Next time you see him, say “hi” and get ready for a really great story, as he has a few to share and you will learn something amazing along the way.